There are all sorts of People. One of which are people who have a leadership aspect to them. They can lead people like “Stonewall” Jackson led the confederates to victory several times. They are like a stonewall. When they have an opinion they don’t keep it to themselves they share in with a passion that “might” be rubbed off on others.They’re strong in what they believe and have a austere demeanor about them at times. But, without them, we would be in chaos, desperately trying to figure of the rules of life. Without the stonewall, we wouldn’t have a country to establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility and secure blessing to liberty. Without the “Stonewalls” we wouldn’t have a country!

Second of which are the “Everything is a party” kind of people. Now this isn’t necessarily bad (besides the fact that I’m this) but you do have to be careful. Although it’s hard to establish the required rules with a “party” person about, these kind of people help with keeping things lively and fun. Of course, if you get stuck with an immature party wild animal, that’s sooo not-cool. But someone who knows how to reign in their wild side can gain the respect of others…. while keeping smiles on peoples faces. Known as one of the most perfect first ladies was Kennedy’s wife.

Next we have the supporters! We can’t just have fun and have leaders all the time, sooner or later there have to be people willing to follow were someone started. These are the supporters. The Supporters are just as important as the first to, but for different reasons. If we had a world of just leaders, then who would follow? There would be arguments non-stop all the time. If we just had “Keep things lively” kind of people in the world, then this world would look like a chimpanzee pen at the zoo. But supporters, they help keep the peace. They support there cause and help encourage there leader. Without them, leaders wouldn’t have the support they need and would fall short of who they could be. Supporters encourage, keep peace and lay out things that don’t seem clear and clarify them. This remind me of Harriett Tubman, when she helped with the underground railroad.

And last, but certainly not least, are the cautious people. Without them, we all would be in forty-five casts with stitches all around our bodies. These are the people that say “Don’t run” at a slippery swimming pool. And guess what?, those people have saved your life more times then I could count. They help insure your safety. Without these cautious people we could have no justice and certainly no traffic lights. And where would we be without traffic lights? I don’t know, so don’t ask me. So, thank you cautious people for helping insure safety where ever we go. Having framed the constitution, Thomas Jefferson reminds me of this trait.

Take a great look at all the personality traits… have you discovered yours yet? Whoever God made you, He made you just the way He wanted. You are like clay in His hands and He is the potter. Use your trait to show the world that God in Sovereign.