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Website Marketing
Internet Search Engine
Optimizing and Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization). BtSEO makes sure your web pages get found by search engines.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the process of marketing your website using SEO and other ways.

  • BtSEO will handle all your internet marketing needs.
  • BtSEO gets search engine to find your website pages.
  • BtSEO gets more traffic from search engines so people can find your website.
  • BtSEO makes it easier to find your website when searching for related services.
  • BtSEO will control your paid listings (PPC) to reduce your marketing costs.
  • BtSEO sends you a report of search engine placement weekly.
  • Sign up for Search Engine assistance to improve Search Results

    BtSEO Markets websites.
    Using Internet Marketing, BtSEO will get your website listed high up in the search rankings with SEM and SEO. Most people do not look beyond Google Pagerank, BtSEO gets potential customers to visit your website. Many times your website will not look different when we are marketing, but you will see more traffic results.

  • What is the use of having the best website if no one visits your website?
  • How many are too many visitors to your website?
  • How many search terms will find your website on search engines?
  • If you are listed on page three of Google will someone find you?

    Consumers find your website in many ways. BtSEO creates many ways for webtraffic to come to your website. BtSEO will get your website found by the Web Spiders and Robots from major search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN (Live Search). BtSEO will improve your websites search position. BtSEO will get more web traffic to your website using both natural optimizing and advertising. BtSEO helps Websites use PPC (Pay Per Click) and BackLinking also to get more web traffic. Sometimes it is a matter of submitting your website to the right place to get more links and visitors.

    Your website will get listed higher up in the search rankings.
    You will see the progress of improvements in traffic to your website using Web Site Search Engine Results Reports and Alexa Reports.

    In Internet marketing, search engine marketing, or SEM, is a set of marketing methods to increase the visibility of a website in SERPs (search engine results pages). SEM strategies include:

    * SEO (Search engine optimization) attempts to improve rankings for relevant keywords in search engine results by improving a web site's structure, content, and relevant backlink count.

    * PPC Pay per click advertising uses sponsored search engine listings to drive traffic to a web site. The advertiser bids for search terms, and the search engine ranks ads based on a competitive auction as well as other factors.

    * Paid inclusion feeds and listings into search engines, typically comparative shopping sites like Nextag.

    * SMO (Social media optimization) promotes by placing ideas within online communities with the hope that they will spread virally.

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