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Alexa Traffic

BtSEO Markets websites, Alexa, a company owned by, is a search and data site which stores the collected information in an Amazon-like format. Where does Alexa receive its information? The information is received from the users of the Alexa Toolbar, a browser enhancement. Since Alexa is partners with Google, it uses the Google index for it's searches. Similar to the Google Toolbar, the Alexa Toolbar permits keyword searches from any site on the Web. Although the Alexa Toolbar and Google Toolbar are similar, they have a major difference. The Alexa Toolbar is an indisputable spy on your Web movements.

The Alexa Toolbar provides useful information for search engine activities and allows you to display interesting graphs about your website. Alexa displays on their Toolbar:

  • Basic Traffic Statistics
  • Traffic Rankings
  • Backlink Statistics
  • Links to Related Sites
  • Information about Backlistings
  • Various other Measurements

Basic traffic statistics will tell you about the popularity of your website. Generally, the Traffic Rankings indicate the number of visitors to your website by combining the number of Page Views and users, Reach, indicates the percentage of all web users view your website.

  • A website with a Traffic Ranking of 8,000,000 is not receiving much web traffic.
  • Conversely, a website Traffic Ranked at 3,000 is visited hundreds of times daily.

Among the nifty graphs displayed on the Alexa Toolbar are Reach, Traffic Rank, and Page Views Graphs. Reach, which is expressed as a percentage, indicates the number of users visiting your website. Because daily traffic is usually not a good indication of traffic rank, the traffic rank is based on a three month traffic data of millions of Alexa Toolbar users. Interestingly, the page view measure also record the number of pages viewed by the Alexa Toolbar users.

Alexa provides the code to allow websites to display these graphs and statistics on your own website, see example of Traffic Rank Indicator (above left).

Here is a graf of one of the more active websites on the internet:

Die Casting Company
Steel Parts

Alexa Graph
Web Site
Traffic Rank

Website marketing