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Tips in making web pages
Designing websites

Tips in making web pages and designing websites.

When creating web pages, avoid directly copying text from a Word document onto the web. Accompanying your copy text is all sorts of formatting clutter. Clutter causes the indexing spiders to encounter problems with your page. Simply save your text file in an HTML file to avoid this difficulty.

Cookies, small text files that are left on a visitor’s hard drive, are not singularly bad, except when they are required to navigate through your website. If your website requires cookies, the search bots (spiders, robots and crawlers) will not index your website. Apart from not being indexed, there are other concerns about cookies, such as, a few browsers won’t accept cookies and a handful of visitors have changed their browsers to not accept cookies.

Content (words and text) in your website is necessary to be noticed by the search engines. Content tells the topic of the web page, allowing the search engine to properly rank it. The content needs to contain significant keywords, so the search engines can do their job correctly.

Don’t forget to add images (pictures) for the people to view. If the pages are “boring” then people will not return, resulting in less web traffic to your website. Make you pages interesting and add some fun if you have the chance.

Review the section about adding web links and getting back links to your web pages to get traffic and give traffic. Banners also do much of the same thing.

BtSEO Markets Websites. If you depend on your website for sales, you should consider contacting BTSEO for marketing your website.

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