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Webpage Design for SEO

Do you need a Web Page Designer?

Is your site a show case or do you want to get customers who find your site?

Ultimately, you want your website to be appealing to your visitors and noticed by the Google indexing spiders. To increase your chances of being noticed on the web, you can do a few simple things before you make that decision.

Before uploading your pages to the internet, perform a simple spell-check and grammar check. This will accomplish two things; first, your website will appear more professional and secondly, your indispensable keywords will not be wasted and will be noticed by the indexing spiders.

While designing your site for SEO, keep in mind, simple is best. Many search engine spiders are reluctant to search more than two or three directory levels. It is commonly believed that the search engine spiders dislike (meaning pagerank declines) multi-level directory systems. Also, another site will link to sites only if the link to them is on a good webpage

To flash or not? Our advice to you, is to use flash sparingly and definitely not on your home page (index page). Generally, since flash usually doesn’t contain much text, it is worthless as far as the search engines are concerned (less traffic). Remember, content (text) is how your webpage is ranked.

Remove the clutter from your page. What is clutter? Clutter is defined as anything that is not content. If your page is filled with clutter, the search engines have to rummage through the clutter to figure out what you website is about. How do you unclutter your website? One alternative is to use external Javascript or external CSS (cascading style sheets) files.

BtSEO does not do website design, BtSEO Markets Websites. In the process of marketing your website we will make every attempt to keep the appearance of your site the same. We will offer suggestions regarding marketing, not looks.

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