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Google SEO and SEM

Google, short for Google the Media Company, is composed of two companies: the search engine Google and the business service Google Company. Google targets two types of users:

  1. consumers who are searching the web
  2. business partners who seek online visibility
Unlike previous web search engines, Google has developed trust with its users. Developing trust among their users is evident by viewing their clutter-free home page and basic sparse design, which translates into a simple search, nothing moreľnothing less. Everyone may not agree with their ranking system, but everyone feels search positions cannot be bought on Google. More information about Google Information. BtSEO helps Websites get found by the Google search results.

BtSEO Markets Websites

There are two ways websites are affected by Google.

  • Search engine page position results.
  • Google Pagerank of 0 through 10

Google search position results for websites keywords and key word phrases. Which page the website is listed and which position relative to the first position the website is listed.

Google uses its own ranking system called Pagerank. A Pagerank of 7 is far better than a Pagerank of 3. Most common websites have a Pagerank of 3 or less.

How does Google rank websites?

Obviously, no one knows the algorithms for certain, which is the key to Googles trustworthiness. However, Google crawls, searches, the web on random schedules and varies the depth of the searches to obtain ranking information. The two basic types of crawls are fresh crawls and deep crawls.

Randomly, but frequently, Google skims the web, fresh crawls, for content to develop its ranking in a general form. The deep crawls are extensive exploratory of web content and can take a week to complete. After collecting the deep crawl data, Google takes a similar amount of time to compile results in their index. As you can see, if Google relied solely on deep crawls, their indexing would quickly become out of date for the ever changing web.

The other side of Google is Adsense. Adsense is a program that pays webmasters and website owners to place advertisments on their websites

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