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Links and Backlinks
for SEO

Back Links

Links are placed on websites to navigate to other pages on your website or another website. Backlinks are important in website marketing. BtSEO Markets Websites. Search bots, generally, like links because the links help determine the importance and sometimes the context of the pages in question. The term, BackLinks, is used for incoming links. Similar to out going links, BackLinks assist the search bots in determining the importance and context of the page. Since the search bots are trying to decipher content in your website pages, it only makes sense to find websites with complimentary subjects to link to yours. These complimentary websites are referred to as Web communities or web hubs or even neighborhoods.

When is a link, not a link? A link is usually written using Anchor Tags (<A>). Anchor Tags are used to anchor another word for link text. Some website developers use JavaScript to make links. Unfortunately, search bots can’t read Javascript, thereby rendering your link worthless in the eyes of the search bots.

An irresistible pit-fall to avoid is using link farms. This is a quick, easy, and painless automated way of creating hundreds of incoming links by exchanging links with other websites owners. Sounds great, but search bots frown upon them and may even penalize your website in the future.

How in the world do I create links with BackLinks?
       1. Ask family and friends to reciprocate links.
       2. Join discussion groups.
       3. Create a blog or Weblog.
       4. Ask for Reciprocating Link Exchanges.

Reciprocating links means “you link to them and they link back to you”. Carefully and mindfully treat your outgoing links. Outgoing links can hurt you if you’re not careful. When you join a discussion group always leave a signature, which is a link to your site, in your message. Also, if you can creatively, but inconspicuously, leave your link to your website in the body of the message, do so. In your blog, cover every subject imaginable from boring to highly interesting. However, since blog sites are indexed by search bots, you have a better chance to be noticed also.

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