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What we will do for you:
We will improve the Search Engine Results Positions (SERPs) on the major search engines. In other words, when someone searches for one of your key terms, your site will get listed closer to the top of the listings. We will improve the amount of traffic going to your website. In other words, you will get more crawlers, robots and spiders to your site. Which in turn will bring more actual people to your site. You will also likely gain pagerank from our services. The steps we will use are as follows:
  1. Evaluate your website for potential traffic problems.
  2. Make suggestions on content and design.
  3. Make changes / corrections of internal website code.
  4. Add a small amount of visible content as needed to improve site.
  5. Add a lot of content on other websites to increase your website's visibility.
  6. Make sure a lot of other websites link to your site to improve rankings.

Usually, you will see a remarkable improvement in the first few weeks. It usually takes about three months for a website to grow further without assistance. Click on the Paypal subscription to begin your website improvement program.

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to a weekly payment for service from BtSEO.

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