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Website Traffic
for more Visitors

Why is Website Traffic important?

The more visitors to your website, the higher your website conversion rate and more likely you make a sale. The conversion rate, which is based on 1000 visitors to your site, is a number that illustrates the visitors performing the task you desire on your website. In other words, which visitors become customers. BtSEO Markets Websites.

Traffic analysis of your website will tell you interesting facts about who visits your website monthly and how popular your site is overall.

Basically there are two different methods to analyze traffic on your website.

1.On your web server
The server adds a small amount of code on your website to calculate the number of times your (website) web pages are accessed. This method is generally known as server logs.

2.Tag systems
The other method, requires you to add some code onto each page that you want to be tracked. Each instant your page is accessed, the program tallies the count.

Both, Alexa Toolbar and Google Toolbar, have their answers to analyzing website traffic.

The Alexa Toolbar
The Alexa Toolbar displays some fairly interesting website traffic statistics which might assist you in your overall Search Engine Marketing Plan. On the Alexa Toolbar page when you click on “Other sites that link to this site”, it identifies and displays the backlink metric. Next to the individual links in the backlink metric is “Site info” button. Clicking the “Site info” allows you to see the Alexa page for that site, which is linking to you. To further analyze your customers, click on “Under people who visit this page also visit”. Often websites miss an important niche in their market by not realizing certain elements of their related products.

The Google Toolbar
A more simplistic approach to assisting you in your overall website marketing plan is Google’s Conversion Tracking software. Conversion Tracking tallies the number of visitors to your site. This conversion process is quite simple and requires knowledge of HTML to execute. Want to try out Google's basic conversion tracking method? First, under Google's Bookmark, indicated by a star, sign into your account. On Google's Toolbar, click on "Campaign Management tab", then on "Conversion Tracking". Now locate "Basic Conversion Tracking", and locate the "Learn More" link. You'll notice a "Start tracking" link that you will need to click. Copy the Google code, which is written in Javascript, from there to your post-conversion page. Periodically, Google sends tracking statistics in the Control Center.

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