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Pagerank Google
for SEO and SEM

PageRank (PR), which is used by Google (Google Pagerank), is a number between 0 and 10 that the Google search engines assign to your website in order to rank it. This PageRank is partially (mostly) based upon the relevant number of links to and from your website. Since the Web literally contains billions of web pages, the PageRank Algorithm is extremely complex and nobody really knows positively what it is, although we can make some educated guesses. Most websites have a PageRank of 3 (PR3) or less.

Want to increase your PageRank?

Increase the number of pages on your website and solicit links from other relevant websites. Are all links created equal? Your website will be far better off having links to related sites. Mainly, the visitors of the other sites will probably use the links, therefore Google will believe your site must be the expert on the subject. Also, a link from a page, which has a high PageRank (PR6), to your site is much better than a link from a lower PageRank (PR2).

As a word of caution, sometimes a link to your site, isnít a real link. If the link in question was written using Javascript, the link will appear and work correctly. However, disappointingly, the search engines cannot read Javascript. In the end, visitors could get to your site, but the PageRank will not be affected. If the link is from a banner ad, the visitor is routed through the ad server to your website. The search engines follow the link to the ad server and therefore the ad serverís PageRank is affected, not yours, even if the visitor is completely unaware of the ad server.

Remember, PageRank is a number between 0 (PR0) and 10 (PR10). However, two different web pages may appear to have the same value, but they actually donít. The Google PageRank Algorithm is thought to be based on a logarithmic scale. Changing your PageRank from PR0 to PR1 is fairly easy.

Unfortunately, it becomes increasingly more difficult the higher you go on the logarithmic scale. BtSEO Markets Websites.

How many links for your desired Pagerank

Link PR PR3 PR4 PR5 PR6 PR7 PR8
8 1 1 1 1 4 19
7 1 1 1 4 19 101
6 1 1 4 19 101 555
5 1 4 19 101 555 3,000
4 4 19 101 555 3,000 17,000
3 19 101 555 3,000 17,000 93,000

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