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BTSEO will
Improve Website Traffic

Can your Website Traffic Improve?

BtSEO Markets websites. BTSEO will improve Website Traffic. Website Traffic means visitors to your site, these visitors are human and search engine spiders or robots. Most website owners do not know how many visitors their website gets monthly or weekly. BTSEO will improve the traffic to your website.

The number of page views and visitors amount to increases of thousands to hundreds of thousands each month. These thousands of visitors could obviously result in more potential sales. BTSEO submits your site to certain directories and search engines improving you site’s search engine placement results. These web directories and search engines feed the submitted information to Google, Yahoo and MSN. This improved traffic in combination with the improved search engine placement results benefits the business generated by your website two fold and gets you found on the web. When BTSEO begins to work for you, most websites see an immediate improvement on Alexa, usually in less than two weeks.

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    Public SEO Information that is available

    For a more general number that shows a trend of improvements on your website, look at Alexa ( Alexa provides website results to the public. Alexa reports, traffic results and page views and general percentage of everyone on the web your website attracts.

    Private Website SEO Information

    Most website hosts (the company maintaining your website) provide a website reporting service for free. Two of the more popular reports are:
    • AW Stats
    • Webtrends

    Most hosting companies protect this information with passwords, so the site owners must log in to their control panel to view the collected information. Many of these free web reporting services tell the website owner:
  • which page is most popular
  • number of visitors to each page
  • Search engines that sent the visitor
  • Key word or phrase that the visitor used to find your site
  • percentage of visitors memorize your page
  • referals. Other websites that sent visitors to your site.
  • robots and spiders
  • and the days or time of days you get the most people visiting.

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