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Weekly SEO Reports
from BTSEO

Website search Reports to Clients Weekly

BtSEO Markets Websites. Every week we send our clients a powerfully informative SEO Report. In our five page SEO Report to our clients we track up to 50 of their chosen search terms (listings). We report if our clients' website was listed in the first 30 positions when these terms are used in a search on the major search engines.

We also report if the Top 5 Competitive Websites are listed using those search terms in the first 30 positions. We check against three different major search engines free listings (Google, MSN and Yahoo), and paid listings (Adwords, ClickZ and Overture) so six different search checks.

We also report your websites Link Popularity on the top search engines.
Search Engine: Google, MSN, Ask and Yahoo. We track to see if your backlinks are growing, declining or remaining the same.

These Bar Charts and Line charts are examples of the weekly SEO Reports we send our clients so they can see what progress is being made. These SEO Reports tell our client numerically and visually the following information:

       Listings in the First Position
       Listings in the Top 5 Positions
       Listings in the Top 10 Positions
       Listings in the Top 20 Positions
       Listings in the Top 30 Positions
       Listings Which Moved Up
       Listings Which Moved Down
       Listings Which Did Not Change
       Total Listings
       Total Positions Gained/Lost

Listings For Top 5 Search Engines

Listings for Top 5 Keywords

Keyword Visibility Index

Visibility Score 1585
Visibility Percentage 35.22%

Aluminum Auto Parts


Website marketing