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Search Placement Results

Google and Yahoo Search Engine Placement Results (SERPs)

SERPs - Search Engine Placement Results by BTSEO. No one can guarantee a website owner the first position on any search engine in the natural (organic) listings, especially on Yahoo and Google. If someone makes a promise of a Google First Position listing or a Yahoo First Position Listing, it would be wise to look into it further and ask them to see their results for other customers. With proper SEO most website owners get good search engine placement results on any search engine including Google and Yahoo. A website should be found using their industry specific keywords as well as their company name. The key phrases that can find your competitors on Yahoo and Google should also find your website.

BtSEO Markets websites, BTSEO has had many successful SEO Marketing campaigns and we will report these results to you below. Google, it is generally believed, has the greatest amount of integrity. These examples below are all Google and Yahoo listings.

With PPC (Pay Per Click) it is possible to pay your way to the top of the listings until someone else pays more than you do or your money runs out. These sponsored listings are many times avoided by people who object to someone buying their way to the top. If you run a successful SEO Program with your PPC Program you will have better results and longer lasting results. Most of the major search engines will place your PPC listings higher than your competitors, if you have good web traffic from your organic SEO placements in those search engines.

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